Mark's Mug Shot

 Mark Lane's Portfolio

  • eWaddle.com

    eWaddle was a Geek and Open Source news site with a discussion forum written in PHP 3 with a MySQL backend. The code was later ported to PostgreSQL and used in our Financial News Site MyKapital.

  • HardData.com

    My first job with Hard Data was to update their original website, and then in 2003, we redesigned it to the one shown in the link above and coded in PHP with a MySQL backend for the news and support for automated PDF quotes.

  • parentdirectniagara.com

    Developed while working for Future Access, I worked on the dynamic database features, including search functions and plotting the results on a Google map.

  • partyshoppe.ca

    Party Shoppe is another site that I worked on while with Future Access. I wrote the custom catalogue and shopping cart for the quote system.

  • Stone-Tucker.com

    Stone-Tucker is another catalogue quote system I work on for Future Access. You are also able to edit the Site's main pages with CK Editor.

  • Weddinggirl.ca Decor Shop

    Yet a 3rd site where I added a catalogue quote system while with Future Access. If you log on as the admin, you have extra options to modify and add items to the shop.

  • Functionalcolor.com myproject

    I wrote a catalogue-based quote system as a subcontractor for Starnix. The Site uses ajax to update your custom "project" (cart) with colours, colour schemes or palettes.

  • Checklist

    Project Checklist for a local home designer. It includes the ability to upload images to be attached to the checklist items.

  • Quickbook Timer

    Web-Based Quickbook Timer that supports export to Quickbooks Pro 2013.

  • VisitSanta.com

    Appointment booking site with MySQL backend and Paypal gateway. You can edit the look of pages online via the backend using CKEditor